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Within Temptation at Dour Festival


Within Temptation at Dour Festival


Human beings are predictable, people rarely surprise you.

Pete: I guess sometimes, people can surprise you.
Myka: Yeah, I guess sometimes they do.


New Digimon Adventure Sequel has been announced for Spring 2015!

The new anime is set slighly in the future: Taichi and the original Chosen Children are around seventeen and in high school. This is merely an announcement trailer and shows no new footage or information. Happy Odaiba Day!

Heads up: This anime will probably not be called Adventure 03. The “02” in the first sequel was referencing the year the story took place, 2002; the fact that it was the second season was merely coincidence!


Either I want to look like Sailor Neptune or I want to look like Sailor Uranus. There is no in between.

I’m an adult, but not like a real adult"
— anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 (via prettyboystyles)
is (feat. POP ETC)
Kanno Yoko

Kanno Yoko - is (feat. POP ETC)
Zankyou no Terror Ep. 4 Insert Song

I will be the bird who saves her.

I will be the bird who saves her.

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chitoge asked: your otp (ultimate otp)

Ultimate OTP? I would say Roy/Riza for this one…

  • THEY DIDN’T GET TOGETHER AT THE END WTF though idk maybe i like it that way
  • fandom fetishising Riza’s tattoo no go away
  • i’ve been sitting here for ages trying to find another reason but i really love this ship so…
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sonira asked: what the hell is yowamushi pedal




a pod of eleven killer whales - a family of two adults and nine juveniles - was discovered trapped in the ice of the hudson bay off the coast of the small inuit village of inukjuak. confined for two days in the small breathing hole, the whales began to panic as they tried unsuccessfully to find another breathing hole and their way to sea.

while an icebreaker ship would typically be brought in to free the orcas, the closest crew was thirty six hours away, so the villagers decided to cut a half mile of holes for the killer whales to travel through on their way to open water. the village mayor noted that it was unusual to see orcas in the area in january, but that the waters were late to freeze this year.

photos by maggie okituk and marina lacasse

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tag meta about things that really do not need meta - i thought you were going to say the sjw extremists but this is perfect thank you wow

Haha no I mean more like ‘omg tom hiddleston blinked let’s talk about how that shows all loki’s inner demons it looks so clear in this 500px black/white gif wow acting can u not’

though on that note, ‘anti sjw’ blogs are equal parts ridiculous and hilarious.

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"Lyra had to adjust to her new sense of her own story, and that couldn’t be done in a day. To see Lord Asriel as her father was one thing, but to accept Mrs. Coulter as her mother was nowhere near so easy. A couple of months ago she would have rejoiced, of course, and she knew that too, and felt confused." - The Golden Compass, Chapter VIII

chitoge asked: tumblr
  • tag meta about things that really do not need meta
  • superwholock
  • daddy doms
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chitoge asked: lol this is fun what about children
  • their hands. I don’t trust them to wash their  hands after they use the bathroom so I’m paranoid when they touch things
  • general unidentified stickiness
  • when everyone assumes I’ll want one eventually
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